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Kandelaki Tinatin Givievna

Date of birth: 10.11.1975

Last position: National Sport TV Channel LLC, Managing Director

Mikhalkov Nikita Sergeevich

Date of birth: 21.10.1945

Last position: All-Russian Public-State Organization ‘Russian Culture Fund’, the chairman

Makhmudov Iskandar Kakhramonovich

Date of birth: 05.12.1963

Last position: ECOSSAISE PROPERTY II SCI, co-owner

Krivoruchko Aleksey Yur'yevich

Date of birth: 17.07.1975

Last position: Ministry of Defense of Russia, Deputy Minister

Medinskiy Vladimir Rostislavovich

Date of birth: 18.07.1970

Last position: Administration of the President, Assistant to the President

Chemezov Oleg Leonidovich

Date of birth: 22.09.1964

Last position: Government of the Sverdlovsk Region, lieutenant governor

armed forces of the USSR

Connection: serviceperson, Sergey Aleksandrovich Martynov
Connection: officer of military unit No. 55555 of the Strategic Missile Forces (Saratov), Shapi Datsievich Gimbatov
Connection: officer of military unit No. 74830 (Zabaykalsky krai), Shapi Datsievich Gimbatov

Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education "Moscow State University named after M.V. Alonosov"

Taxpayer's number: 7729082090

Connection: профессор кафедры социологии международных отношений, Aleksandr Gel'yevich Dugin
Connection: исполняющий обязанности заведующего кафедрой социологии международных отношений социологического факультета, Aleksandr Gel'yevich Dugin
Connection: Leading Researcher, Faculty of Geography, Oleg Anatol'yevich Kulikov

Administration of the President of the Russian Federation

Connection: deputy head, Igor Ivanovich Shuvalov
Connection: Assistant to the President, Igor Ivanovich Shuvalov
Connection: Assistant to the President, Igor Ivanovich Shuvalov

Federal Service of Troops of the National Guard of the Russian Federation

Taxpayer's number: 7722377866

Connection: First Deputy Director, Viktor Nikolaevich Strigunov
Connection: Head of the Organizational and Staffing Activities and Staffing Group; First Deputy Chief of Staff, Evgeniy Ivanovich Fuzhenko
Connection: assistant, deputy director, Aleksandr Vyacheslavovich Kurenkov

Public Joint Stock Company "BANK VTB"

Taxpayer's number: 7702070139

Connection: employee, Anton Sergeevich Emeshev
Connection: President – Chairperson of the Management Board; member of the Supervisory Board; Chairperson of the Strategy and Corporate Governance Committee, Andrey Leonidovich Kostin
Connection: chief economist, manager of the Division of Intersectoral Corporate Business Development, managing director of the Second Division for Major Clients of the Corporate Block, managing director of the Investment Operations and Services Division of the Investment Block, managing director of the Third Division for Major Clients of the Second Corporate Block, managing director of the Division of Construction Projects Financing of the Construction Projects Department, Oksana Nikolaevna Lut

PJSC "Rostelecom"

Taxpayer's number: 7707049388

Connection: вице-президент – директор макрорегионального филиала «Центр», Dmitriy Matveevich Kim
Connection: Director of the Department, Dmitriy Matveevich Kim
Connection: board member, Yuriy Aleksandrovich Kudimov