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Sobyanin Sergey Semenovich

Shishkhanov Mikail Osmanovich

Date of birth: 06.08.1972

Last position: АО "СЕРВИС-РЕЕСТР", employee

Connection: Said-Salam Safarbekovich Gutseriev
Connection: Khamzat Safarbekovich Gutseriev
Connection: Mikail Safarbekovich Gutseriev
Connection: Tamerlan Yur'yevich Miziev

Chayka Artem Yur'yevich

Date of birth: 25.09.1977

Last position: Head of Republic and Government Administration of the Chechen Republic, adviser to the President of the Republic on Humanitarian, Social and Economic Issues

Prigozhin Evgeniy Viktorovich

Date of birth: 01.06.1961

Last position: Concord Management and Consulting LLC, CEO

Aug. 23, 2023 Died

Vardanyan Ruben Karlenovich

Date of birth: 25.05.1968

Last position: Ministry of Industry and Trade, member of the strategic council

Deripaska Oleg Vladimirovich

Date of birth: 02.01.1968

Last position: Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education "Moscow State University named after M.V. Alonosov", member of the board of trustees

Connection: Sergey Eduardovich Prikhodko
Connection: Aleksey Petrovich Ezubov
Connection: Sergey Viktorovich Lavrov
Connection: Natalya Vasil'yevna Nazarova

Government of the Russian Federation

Connection: First Deputy Prime Minister, Igor Ivanovich Shuvalov
Connection: Minister, the Chief of Staff, Anton Eduardovich Vayno
Connection: deputy chief of staff, Anton Eduardovich Vayno

Armed Forces of the Russian Federation

Connection: serviceperson, Andrey Valerievich Kartapolov
Connection: Commander of Frontline Aviation of the Russian Air Force, Nikolay Timofeevich Antoshkin
Connection: serviceperson, Valeriy Vasil'yevich Gerasimov

Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation

Taxpayer's number: 7706074737

Connection: employee, Elena Anatol'yevna Lenskaya
Connection: заместитель начальника главного управления центра противодействия экстремизму, Ruslan Shakhaevich Alkhanov
Connection: Head of the Special Rapid Response Squad, Aleksandr Konstantinovich Plyaskin

PJSC "Sberbank of Russia"

Taxpayer's number: 7707083893

Connection: shareholder, Nikolay Viktorovich Tsekhomskiy
Connection: deputy manager of the Gorno-Altai branch No. 8558, Roman Viktorovich Ptitsyn
Connection: head of the additional office of the Gorno-Altai branch No. 8558 in Gorno-Altaisk, Roman Viktorovich Ptitsyn

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the USSR

Connection: employee, Aleksey Arkad'yevich Dvinyanin
Connection: employee, Valeriy Ivanovich Pospelov
Connection: employee, Sergey Sergeevich Razov

All-Russian political party "United Russia"

Taxpayer's number: 7702330228

Connection: Deputy Secretary of the General Council, Darya Sergeevna Lantratova
Connection: Deputy Head of the Department - Head of the Department, Deputy Head of the Department of Legal Support of Election Campaigns of the Regional and Technological Work Department of the Central Executive Committee, Natalya Alekseevna Budarina
Connection: Adviser to the Secretariat of the Head of the Central Executive Committee, Vyacheslav Evgen'yevich Yunoshev