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Nazarova Larisa Viktorovna

Connection: Yuriy Viktorovich Nazarov
Connection: Aleksandr Viktorovich Nazarov
Connection: Mikhail Viktorovich Nazarov
Connection: Irina Viktorovna Nazarova

Yanovskiy Viktor Boleslavovich

Date of birth: 1959

Last position: Витебский областной совет депутатов, deputy

Ivanov Dmitriy

Date of birth: 24.07.1982

Connection: Elena Vasil'yevna Bibikova
Connection: Olga Vladimirovna​ ​Ivanova

Shuvaev Ivan Ivanovich

Date of birth: 14.05.1993

Connection: Valeryan Vladimirovich Shuvaev
Connection: Ivan Vladimirovich Shuvaev

Lipov Yuriy Noyevich

Date of birth: 09.04.1934

Last position: CJSC Greencomplex, co-founder

Connection: Andrey Yur'yevich Lipov

Kumpilov Tembot Karalbievich

Date of birth: 03.12.1970

Last position: State Council of the Republic of Adygea, deputy, member of the Committee for Budget, Finance, and Tax Policy


Taxpayer's number: 2309118210

Connection: owner, Pierpaolo Lodigiani
Connection: CEO, Pierpaolo Lodigiani

Nonprofit Partnership ‘Tyumen Automobe Fans Union’

Taxpayer's number: 7203183560

Connection: co-founder, Vladimir Mikhaylovich Rakov
Connection: Chairman of the Board, Vladimir Mikhaylovich Rakov

Sevastopol Regional Office of the All-Russian NGO ‘Lawyers of Russia Association’

Taxpayer's number: 9204005571

Connection: board member, Ekaterina Eduardovna Pyrkova
Connection: co-founder, Ekaterina Eduardovna Pyrkova

Consumer Cooperative Housing Cooperative ‘Krestovskii’

Taxpayer's number: 7825414693

Connection: co-founder, Aleksandr Anatol'yevich Chuprakov

SMP Management Sochi LLC

Taxpayer's number: 9705034478

Connection: owner, Boris Romanovich Rotenberg

Tyumen Independent Assessment Center LLC

Taxpayer's number: 7202171964

Connection: co-owner, Vladimir Mikhaylovich Rakov