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Motorin Vladimir Anatol'yevich

Date of birth: 01.01.1968

Last position: Избирательная комиссия Кировской области, member of the commission, Vice Chairperson

Savenko Elena Aleksandrovna

Date of birth: 22.04.1966

Connection: Igor Gennad'yevich Savenko
Connection: Yuriy Igorevich Savenko

Ershov Aleksandr

Connection: Sergey Semenovich Sobyanin
Connection: Anna Sergeevna Sobyanina

Mokrenko Yuriy Vasil'yevich

Date of birth: 22.04.1961

Last position: Bryansk Region Government, lieutenant governor

Kudryavina Darya Igorevna

Connection: Igor Vladimirovich Kudryavin
Connection: Valentin Igorevich Kudryavin
Connection: Violetta Vyacheslavovna Kudryavina

Markevich Aleksandr Ivanovich

Date of birth: 09.05.1968

Last position: Representatives Chambers of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus, deputy, member of the national security commission


Taxpayer's number: 1832025168

Connection: Executive Director, Viktor Mikhaylovich Zhukovskiy

Kursk Regional Branch of the All-Russian Public Charitable Organization for Assistance to the Disabled with Intellectual Disabilities ‘Special Olympics of Russia’

Taxpayer's number: 4632057591

Connection: co-founder, Sergey Lvovich Vasil'yev

State Council of the Republic of Adygea

Taxpayer's number: 0105019873

Connection: deputy, member of the Committee for Budget, Finance, and Tax Policy, Tembot Karalbievich Kumpilov
Connection: deputy, Batyrbiy Mugdinovich Panesh
Connection: deputy, Kaplan Mugdinovich Panesh


Taxpayer's number: 7733382000

Connection: co-owner, Sergey Mikhaylovich Glinka


Taxpayer's number: 00231975

Connection: Deputy Director for Economics, Evgeniy Vital'yevich Balitskiy
Connection: head, Evgeniy Vital'yevich Balitskiy

Tselitelʹ LLC

Taxpayer's number: 4632124047

Connection: owner, Evgeniy Igorevich Bartenev