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Bogoveev Vladimir Kasymovich

Date of birth: 13.04.1952

Last position: Ministry of Industry and Trade, advisor to the minister

Udod Oksana Gennad'yevna

Date of birth: 17.11.1971

Last position: ООО "ВОСТОК1520", employee

Connection: Dmitriy Sergeevich​ Udod
Connection: Aleksandr Dmitrievich Udod
Connection: Darya Dmitrievna Klimanova

Korendyasev Anatoliy Aleksandrovich

Date of birth: 28.02.1946

Last position: The State Duma, deputy, Deputy Chairperson of the Committee for the Commonwealth of Independent States and Relations with Compatriots

Dec. 21, 2011 Resigned

Roshchupkin Aleksey Vladimirovich

Connection: Vladimir Nikolaevich Roshchupkin
Connection: Evgeniy Vladimirovich Roshchupkin
Connection: Sergey Vladimirovich Roshchupkin
Connection: Svetlana Vladimirovna Roshchupkina

Afanas'yeva Elena Vladimirovna

Date of birth: 27.03.1975

Last position: Council of the Federation, senator, member of the Committee for Constitutional Legislation and State Building

Girkina Ulyana Igorevna

Date of birth: 11.08.2016

Connection: Igor Vsevolodovich Girkin
Connection: Olga Vsevolodovna Girkina
Connection: Alla Ivanovna Girkina
Connection: Vsevolod Ignat'yevich Girkin

Apteka ‘Klassika’ EK LLC

Taxpayer's number: 7453255835

Connection: owner, Aleksandra Olegovna Kolesnikova

Souizelektromash LLC

Taxpayer's number: 6141023315

Connection: co-owner, Aleksey Gennad'yevich Kobilev


Taxpayer's number: 7701252672

Connection: co-owner, Pierpaolo Lodigiani
Connection: CEO, Pierpaolo Lodigiani

Kostroma Regional Office of the All-Russian NGO ‘Russian Union of Afghanistan Veterans’

Taxpayer's number: 4442018450

Connection: Chairman of the Board, Vladimir Kirillovich Vnukov
Connection: co-founder, Vladimir Kirillovich Vnukov
Connection: co-founder, Mikhail Vasil'yevich Kozlov


Taxpayer's number: 7810107040

Connection: CEO, Andrey Borisovich Pridankin

Lpm-Baltiya LLC

Taxpayer's number: 3906108055

Connection: owner, Sergey Valer'yevich Chernomaz
Connection: co-owner, Sergey Valer'yevich Chernomaz
Connection: CEO, Sergey Valer'yevich Chernomaz