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Kidyaev Viktor Borisovich

Date of birth: 09.07.1956

Last position: The State Duma, deputy, member of the committee on regional policy and local self-government

Lokot Anatoliy Evgen'yevich

Date of birth: 18.01.1959

Last position: Novosibirsk Mayor's office, mayor

Kirillov Mikhail Alekseevich

Date of birth: 15.01.1952

Connection: Dmitriy Mikhaylovich Kirillov
Connection: Elena Mikhaylovna Kirillova

Chernyy Konstantin Eduardovich

Last position: Economy Committee of the Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee, First Deputy Chairperson

Vinnichenko Aleksandr Nikolaevich

Date of birth: 04.05.2010

Connection: Nikolay Aleksandrovich Vinnichenko
Connection: Tatyana Vadimovna Vinnichenko

Galiakberova Elena Samatovna

Date of birth: 1989

Last position: Bashkir State University, teacher of the Institute of Law

Supporting Fund for N.F. Filatov Children’s City Clinical Hospital

Taxpayer's number: 7725351168

Connection: the president, Dmitriy Anatolievich Volkov

CJSC Troparevskii Brick Plant

Taxpayer's number: 5028014718

Bryansk Regional NGO ‘Seafarers Union’

Taxpayer's number: 3257019560

Connection: head, Nikolay Sergeevich Luchkin


Taxpayer's number: 7816568418

Connection: owner, Vladimir Viktorovich Lebedev
Connection: CEO, Vladimir Viktorovich Lebedev

Servis Tsentr LLC

Taxpayer's number: 1655370124

Connection: owner, Venera Akhatovna Gafarova

Zabaykalsky Linear Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for Transport

Taxpayer's number: 7536031973

Connection: Head of Department, Evgeniy Evgen'yevich Stasishin