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Pokrovskaya Olga Leonidovna

Date of birth: 15.01.1954

Last position: St. Petersburg Election Commission, member of the Commission

Federal State Budget Educational Institution of Higher Education ‘Pacific State University’

Taxpayer's number: 2725006620

Connection: senior lecturer of the department of state and legal disciplines, Maksim Mikhaylovich Shemchuk
Connection: Deputy Director of the Institute of Economics and Management, Aleksandr Reginovich Mshvildadze
Connection: Vice-Rector for Youth and Social Affairs, Aleksandr Reginovich Mshvildadze

Election Commission of the Karachay-Cherkessia Republic

Taxpayer's number: 0901024448

Connection: member of the commission, secretary of the commission, Alla Viktorovna Zizdok
Connection: member of the commission, deputy chairman of the commission, Tatyana Pavlovna Kalashnikova
Connection: member of the Commission, Larisa Khasanbievna Abazalieva

Federal State Budget Educational Institution of Higher Education ‘North Caucasian State Academy’

Taxpayer's number: 0901006061

Connection: assistant, senior lecturer, associate professor of history and political science, Larisa Khasanbievna Abazalieva

Orel Investment Mortgage Corporation JSC

Taxpayer's number: 5753043940

Connection: board member, Yuriy Nikolaevich Parakhin

Primorye Regional Office of All-Russian NGO ‘Sportivnaia Rossiia’ All-Russian Voluntary Society

Taxpayer's number: 2540094857

Connection: Chairperson of the board of the branch, Yuriy Aleksandrovich Mironov
Connection: co-founder, Yuriy Aleksandrovich Mironov

Federal State Unitary Enterprise named after V.V. Dokuchaev of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Taxpayer's number: 2223010944

Connection: director, Dmitriy Vladimirovich Elagin