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Pokrovskaya Olga Leonidovna

Date of birth: 15.01.1954

Last position: St. Petersburg Election Commission, member of the Commission

North Eastern Consulting Center LLC

Taxpayer's number: 4909107206

Connection: co-owner, Ivan Yur'yevich Radchenko

Bikser LLC

Taxpayer's number: 7704399909

Connection: owner, Natalya Yur'yevna Alafinova
Connection: co-owner, Sergey Vyacheslavovich Alafinov
Connection: co-owner, Natalya Yur'yevna Alafinova

Security Organization ‘Irbis Plius’ LLC

Taxpayer's number: 7810430565

Connection: co-owner, Vladimir Yur'yevich Gorshenin


Taxpayer's number: 7814498194

Connection: CEO, Andrey Vital'yevich Praskurin
Connection: co-owner, Andrey Vital'yevich Praskurin

General Factoring LLC

Taxpayer's number: 7705555607

Connection: co-owner, Vinchentso Trani


Taxpayer's number: 7704405655

Connection: co-owner, Eduard Vladimirovich Budantsev