Kartapolov Andrey Valerievich

Kartapolov Andrey Valerievich

Kartapolov Andrey Valerievich


from Oct. 12, 2021

The State Duma, MP, Chairman of the Committee on Industry and Trade

from July 30, 2018
till Oct. 12, 2021

Ministry of Defense of Russia, заместитель министра, начальник главного военно-политического управления

from Dec. 19, 2016
till March 1, 2017

Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Commander of the Force Grouping in Syria

from Nov. 2015
till July 2018

from June 2014
till Nov. 2015

Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, заместитель начальника генерального штаба, начальник главного оперативного управления

from Feb. 2013
till June 2014

from 2012
till 2013

from May 2010
till 2012

Federal Public Institution ‘Joint Strategic Command of the Southern Military District, командующий 58-й общевойсковой армией

from 2009
till 2010

Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, начальник управления главного оперативного управления генерального штаба

from 2008
till 2009

Federal State Institution Administration of the Moscow Military Region, начальник штаба, первый заместитель командующего армией

from 2007
till 2008

Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Deputy Commander of the 41st Army in the Siberian Military District

from July 6, 2006
till Jan. 17, 2003

from 1991
till 2007

from 1989
till 1991


Wikipedia: participating in a press conference of the Russian Ministry of Defense on July 21, 2014 Andrei Kartapolov said that the radar surveillance facilities of the Russian Ministry of Defense had recorded that the Su-25 aircraft of the Ukrainian Armed Forces was flying 3-5 km away from the Malaysian Boeing MH17 shortly before the crash. According to allegations published on Bellingcat's website a check, carried out by international experts, showed that the data provided by Kartapolov were fabricated on purpose and no Ukrainian military aircraft was recorded near Boeing on the day of the crash.

more information is available in ru version of the dossier


Income declaration:

Year Position Income, RUB Spouse income, RUB The property, sq. m Vehicles
2021 member of the State Duma, Committee Chairperson,
The State Duma
14 535 750,60 178 872,25 Apartments: 112,10
Other: 31,10
2019 ,
Ministry of Defense
16 802 147,07 41 028,54 Apartments: 224,20
Other: 31,10
Land Rover а/м легковой Лэнд Ровер Дискавери
2018 ,
Ministry of Defense
15 833 152,45 Apartments: 224,20
Other: 40,00
Land Rover а/м легковой Лэнд Ровер L462
2017 Force Commander of the Western Military District,
Ministry of Defense
11 681 363,91 Apartments: 672,80
Other: 31,10
GL-класс GLE
2016 ,
Ministry of Defense
12 511 093,62 Apartments: 672,50
Other: 30,00
Mercedes-Benz Мерседес-Бенц
2015 ,
Ministry of Defense
5 339 331,42 House: 123,00
Apartments: 672,50
Other: 30,00
Мерседес ML 300

Criminal record and sanctions


Has been under the European Union sanctions since 16.02.2015, under the Canadian sanctions since 17.02.2015 and under the Australian sanctions since 16.06.2017. Also under the Swiss sanctions since 06.03.2015 (modified on 06.10.2015, 23.03.2016, 02.04.2019 and 02.04.2020).

more information is available in ru version of the dossier

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