Vardanyan Ruben Karlenovich

Vardanyan Ruben Karlenovich

Vardanyan Ruben Karlenovich

  • Сategory: Domestic Politically Exposed Person
  • Date of birth: May 25, 1968
  • Individual Taxpayer Number: 770700073992
  • Place of birth: Yerevan, Armenia
  • Under sanctions: Ukraine
  • Citizen: Armenia , Russian Federation
  • Last position: Ministry of Industry and Trade, member of the strategic council
  • Other websites: personal website archived , Wikipedia archived
  • Last profile update: Dec. 11, 2023


from Nov. 4, 2022
till Feb. 23, 2023

Government of Armenia, State Minister of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic

March 12, 2019

MOSCOW SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT "SKOLKOVO", member of the International Board of Trustees, member of the Board of Directors

March 11, 2019

Ministry of Industry and Trade, member of the strategic council

from Sept. 2016

from June 2016
till Sept. 2016

Public Joint Stock Company "SOLLERS", independent member of the board of directors, Chairperson of the Personnel and Remuneration Committee, Member of the Corporate Governance Committee

from Feb. 2016

from Dec. 23, 2015

from May 2015
till June 2018

Sibur Holding PJSC, member of the board of directors, Chairperson of the Budget and Audit Committee

from Jan. 2014

International Finance Corporation, member of the Economic Affairs Council

from 2014
till 2015

from Oct. 2013
till June 2015

"ROSGOSSTRAKH", Chairperson of the HR and Remuneration Committee

from Aug. 2013
till Oct. 2015

PJSC "Sberbank of Russia", Advisor to the President

from July 29, 2013

from Jan. 23, 2012
till Aug. 2013

Sberbank CIB JSC, co-leader

from Aug. 2011
till Oct. 2013

"ROSGOSSTRAKH", board member

from 2011
till May 2015

Sibur Holding PJSC, member of the board of directors, Chairperson of the Personnel and Remuneration Committee

from 2011
till 2012

Russian Venture Company (RVC) JSC, chairman of the board

from 2010
till March 2017

from Sept. 25, 2009
till March 14, 2011

from March 11, 2009

Kamaz PJSC, board member

from 2009
till 2011

Standard Bank, board member

from 2008
till 2009

Joint Stock Company "INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Sheremetyevo", member of the board of directors, Chairperson of the Strategic Planning Committee

from 2008
till 2009

from 2008
till 2009

from 2008
till 2014

Avtovaz PJSC, member of the board of directors, member of the Personnel and Remuneration Committee

from April 12, 2007
till May 6, 2011

MDM BANK, director

from 2007

Avica Property Investors International, member of the Investment Committee

from 2007

Ameriabank CJSC, board member

from 2007
till 2009

RusSpetsStal CJSC, board member

from 2006
till 2009

MARSH & MCLENNAN COMPANY INC, member of the international advisory board

from 2006
till 2010

AK BARS Bank PJSC, member of the board of directors, member of the Personnel and Remuneration Committee of the bank

from 2005
till 2009

Sukhoi Civil Aircraft JSC, chairman of the board

from 2005
till 2013

Public Joint-Stock Company NOVATEK, member of the board of directors, Chairperson of the Corporate Governance and Remuneration Committee, Member of the Auditing Committee

from 2005
till 2005

Amtel-Vredestein N.V., board member

from 2004
till 2006

from 2003
till 2004

Gorodskoy Ipotechnyi Bank LLC, chairman of the board

from 2002
till 2005

"ROSGOSSTRAKH", director

from 2000
till 2012

RSPP, member of the Administrative Bureau

from 1999
till 2003

from 1997
till 1997

from 1995
till 1997

from 1995
till 1997

from 1992
till Jan. 23, 2012

Sberbank CIB JSC, Director, President, Chairperson of the Board of Directors

from 1991
till 1992

Sberbank CIB JSC, expert, head of primary placement department


In 2019 OCCRP conducted an investigation into how Troika Dialog (later Sberbank Kib), which was managed by Vardanyan, created a pool of offshore companies through which dubious deals were made in favor of PEP. The money came, in particular, from companies that were involved in criminal cases of laundering, cashing or illegally withdrawing billions of rubles from Russia.

Companies that were linked to Vladimir Putin's friend, cellist Sergei Roldugin, received $69 million from Troika's offshore system in 2007-2010. In the "Panama Archives" were detailed transactions that allowed the musician's firms to get money literally out of thin air: the company signed a contract to buy shares of "Rosneft", the seller did not honour honour the contract, for the failure of the contract the firm received compensation of hundreds of thousands of dollars. As it turned out such contracts were concluded with companies from the Troika offshore system. They looked so suspicious that they raised questions even from employees of the not very squeamish bank Ukio. In October 2010 Ege Petrauskiene, head of the anti-money laundering department at Ukio, calculated that in less than a month, the company from the offshore system "Troika" (Dino Capital) paid to Roldugin's company (International Media Overseas) 5.8 million dollars in penalty. "What is the economic nature of these payments? - asked Petrauskiene in a letter to the bank manager who was in touch with Dino representatives. - We have contracts on hand, but, frankly, I do not understand what is going on in them." She accompanied her letter with a sad smiley face. In response to questions from the bank a representative of the firm from the offshore universe of Troika replied briefly: "The essence of these transactions is as follows: Dino entered into contracts for the sale of securities but the deal did not take place - and Dino paid penalties. And so seven times in just one month. OCCRP journalists found several more similar contracts concluded between the offshore structure of Roldugin and the company "Troika", under which musician's offshore received almost six million dollars. "A securities purchase and sale contract with non-execution and a fine is a classic variant of gratuitous transfer of money," believes financier Andrey Movchan, who worked as a top manager at several investment banks, including Troika Dialog itself, between 1997 and 2003. - If someone had to "give" money, it was either done through losses on derivatives, which sometimes could be written out even retroactively, or through penalties. Roldugin's structures also concluded standard purchase and sale agreements for Rosneft shares with offshore Troika. If we believe these papers Roldugin was the owner of a 92 million dollar stake in Rosneft. However, several experts interviewed by OCCRP said that all these contracts could also be just grounds for transferring money - any amount could be drawn in this way for the right person. Roldugin did not answer the OCCRP's questions.

On June 9, 2008 the account of Industrial Trade, another offshore controlled by Troika, received almost 800 thousand dollars from Zarina Group LLC. This company is in the centre of criminal investigation in Lithuania about money laundering stolen from the Russian budget during the "Magnitsky case". The purpose of the payment states that Zarina has sold some industrial equipment to Industrial Trade. For two days the money moved through the accounts of companies controlled by Troika, and then went to Sandalwood Continental. The ultimate owner of this offshore from the British Virgin Islands was Sergei Roldugin, an old friend of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Real estate in Spain for family members of the former Samara governor Vladimir Artyakov with a loan for an 80-year-old relative without collateral and orders was bought through the "Landromat" "Troika". Also through the "Landromat" passed the money from the firms that were mentioned in the "Magnitsky case", figured in the fraudulent scheme of fuel trade at Sheremetyevo airport or in the criminal case for the withdrawal of money "Rosgosstrakh".

more information is available in ru version of the dossier


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