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Aksenov Fedor Olegovich

Date of birth: 13.11.1990

Last position: FSB of Russia, employee

​Melikov Mikhail Alimovich​

Date of birth: 02.02.1958

Last position: Interregional NGO of Military-Patriotic Education ‘Veteranskii Rezerv’, Chairman of the Board

Connection: Sergey Alimovich Melikov

Mekh Svetlana Anatol'yevna

Date of birth: 22.08.1972

Last position: Ministry of State and Legal Administration of Primorsky Krai, the minister

Gridin Vladimir Grigor'yevich

Date of birth: 08.12.1955

Last position: The State Duma, deputy, Chairperson of the Transport Committee

Connection: Pavel Mikhaylovich Fedyaev
Connection: Sergey Vladimirovich Gridin
Connection: Andrey Vladimirovich Gridin
Connection: Svetlana Yur'yevna Gridina

Zadorina Anastasiya Mikhaylovna

Date of birth: 10.01.1989

Last position: ООО "Задорина Групп", CEO

Connection: Mikhail Vasil'yevich Shekin
Connection: Andrey Leonidovich Kostin
Connection: Yuliya Mikhaylovna Tikhomirova
Connection: Mikhail Valer'yevich Zadorin

Usmanov Marat Khamitovich

Date of birth: 23.09.1978

Last position: Военный комиссариат Алтайского края, военный комиссар Алтайского края

Regional Budgetary Healthcare Institution ‘Ivanovo Clinical Hospital named after Kuvaevy’

Taxpayer's number: 3729011398

Connection: chief doctor, Dmitriy Ivanovich Moiseenkov
Connection: deputy chief doctor, Dmitriy Ivanovich Moiseenkov

Standard Bank Plc

Connection: board member, Ruben Karlenovich Vardanyan


Taxpayer's number: ΗΕ345044

Mikael Tariverdiev Creative Heritage Charity Fund

Taxpayer's number: 7710313000

Комиссия по вопросам помилования при президенте Казахстана

Connection: member of the Commission, Vladimir Vasil'yevich Volkov

Promotion Association for Entrepreneurship Development ‘Soobshchestvo Skolkovo’

Taxpayer's number: 5032998849