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Lesun Anatoliy Fedorovich

Date of birth: 27.02.1959

Last position: The State Duma, Deputy, Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Transport and Transport Infrastructure Development

Sinilo Vitaliy Viktorovich

Last position: Court of the Masty District of the Grodno Region, judge, Chairperson

​Basargina Yuliya Viktorovna​

Last position: ALKOR LLC, director

Connection: Viktor Fedorovich Basargin
Connection: Lyubov Anatol'yevna​ ​Basargina
Connection: Sergey Viktorovich​ ​Basargin

Pepelyaeva Liana Vital'yevna

Date of birth: 09.12.1965

Last position: Government of Russia, Director of the Department of Public Administration, Regional Development and Local Government

Lustov Stanislav Egorovich

Date of birth: 12.07.1964

Last position: Военный комиссариат Вологодской области, военный комиссар Вологды и Вологодского района

Zakharov Aleksey Yur'yevich

Date of birth: 09.03.1971

Last position: Prosecutor General's Office of Russia, Deputy Attorney General of the Russian Federation

ЖСК "ГринПарк"

Taxpayer's number: 3250516611

Connection: co-founder, Aleksandr Mikhaylovich Patov
Connection: Chairperson of a cooperative society, Aleksandr Mikhaylovich Patov

ООО "Игринское РТП"

Taxpayer's number: 1809007185

Connection: director, Tanzilya Kharisovna Garina
Connection: owner, Tanzilya Kharisovna Garina

ООО "Игра Строй"

Taxpayer's number: 1809907348

Connection: co-owner, Tanzilya Kharisovna Garina

ООО "Инвестиционно-управляющая компания "Деконом"

Taxpayer's number: 5902047951

Connection: director, Marina Talgatovna Vodyanova
Connection: co-owner, Marina Talgatovna Vodyanova


Taxpayer's number: 5003040674

Connection: co-owner, Evgeniy Lennorovich Giner
Connection: owner, Evgeniy Lennorovich Giner


Taxpayer's number: 7718546409

Connection: co-owner, Georgiy Andreevich Mikhalkov